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We are a real estate agent website development and training company. Our primary focus is on what top Real Estate Professionals excel at, lead generation, lead conversion and relationship building.


My name is James Osmar, I became an active real estate agent in 1989 and went on to achieve some of the highest levels of sales in the industry.


Most of the goals that I had achieved were because of dedicated lead generation strategies combined with team building.


SellingToolz Ltd. was launched in 2006 because many of the old prospecting methods were becoming obsolete or negatively affected by legislation... and I simply wanted a change.  The way I viewed it, the Internet – when properly understood – offered the greatest cutting edge possibilities.


We first built Canada Referral and United States Referral, then the Red Hot Web Page, the Gold Rush Leads website, the Client Contact Blog, Market Mail Outs and finally our new flagship website the Performance Web Page - a real estate agents personal lead generation website.


This suite of websites includes personal web pages, low branded websites, a blogging web page and the referral directory, all necessary Internet tools to run your real estate sales business in today’s market.


Early on, our goal was to create a referral system for Real Estate Professionals that reached across all franchises. More importantly, the idea was to create a listing tool for Real Estate Professionals. A tool that would offer the ability to show sellers how well connected a real estate agent you were in the search for buyers and sellers moving in and out of your market.


This referral system was also designed to be used as a means for the agent to educate the buyer and seller about how to refer their friends and relatives to you. This is done by giving the buyer or seller the understanding that they will be talking about real estate more during the buying or selling of their home then any other time in their life. Therefore, meeting more people considering a move and then as the Real Estate Professional teaching them how to make the introduction.


Today we have grown to be a Real Estate Professional Resource Company with six real estate agent websites and several other buyer and seller lead generation tools. Giving Real Estate Professionals the ability to have a complete Internet marketing and lead generation system.


For the real estate agent that considers themselves technically challenged or simply wants to delegate this responsibility, we offer advanced training and a lead management system. Making sure that no Real Estate Agent gets left behind.